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Patrons & opinions
John Thurman United Kingdom
Peter Bernloher Munich , Germany
Stefan Johnasson Tetra Pak
David Nussbaum Israel
Hannah Johansen Montana , USA
Gunter Schumacher Germany
Vernon Bruce Australia
Kam M Miller New Jersey , USA
Utpal Das Dubai , UAE
Ila Maharawal New Jersey , USA
Jinpachi Shinmagi Japan
Kulasekaran Singapore
Bhaskar Patel USA
Biersohn Jean France
Mamie R Miller USA
Sandra Mcgrann Jamaica , West Indies
Larry Thrasher California , USA
J Weurlajlu Italy
Tony Ince United Kingdom
S.P.Kendrick Germany
Fawakhiri Susanna Sadav Moscow, Russia
Vvabel Jacky U.K.
Allan Hartog Redcliff, Australia
HH Urvashi Devi Devgarh Baria
Abhilasha Behl New Delhi
Arun Bhende CEO, Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation
Indermohan Virmani MD, Hummingbird Courier
Arun Gongade Films Division, Mumbai
Amitabha Chaudhary MD, Macneill Engineering Ltd.
Anjali Kejariwal Kolkata
Jayanthi Hari Commonwealth, Bangalore
Preeti Khanna New Delhi
Urmila Agrawal Mysore
Surajit Chaliha Director, GeoEnpro Petro.,New Delhi.
Ranjit Shahani & Indu Shahani MD, Novartis India Ltd.
Ray Stewart CEO, Pipavav Shipyard.
B K Birla Industrialist
Umesh Bhagat Art Director, Lintas
Capt. C P Krishna Nair Chairman, Leela Hotels
Mrs.Jeejeebhoy Mumbai

Patron's opinion !!!


John Thurman, U.K. , Gen. Manager, Pyrotek
“I love your paintings – they are quite magical”
“I see that major art investors are moving into Indian Art like this as the next - new contemporary art bonanza”

“..Noticed some beautiful new works by you that I intend to add for my Sandhya Arvind collection... I wish you reserve the 'Raas Leela..it is simply beautiful, fantastic, stunning, quite magical. The whole composition is total delight' .I also express my strong interest in the following five artworks..that I must have!.. you have wonderful talent1... I see that major art investors are moving into Indian art as the next-new contemporary art bonanza.”

The Artist Sandhya Arvind with John Thurman

Larry Thrasher, Berkeley , CA , USA
“Beautiful, very intuitive and innovative” 

M S Bhalerao
“The Warli and Madhubani creations give picturesque experience of the culture of the tribes, their concepts and rare values stored forever”.

Mamie R Miller, USA
“An enjoyable meeting and learning about the paintings. They are very joyful and uplifting”.

The Artist Sandhya Arvind with Larry Thrasher


Capt. C P Krishna Nair, Chairman, Leela Hotels , India
“Excellent Work”

Stefan Johansson, Tetra Pak, Inc.
“I really enjoyed the Exhibition. Beautiful natural paintings. One of them I will enjoy further hanging on my wall at home”.

Dr. Nalin Trivedi , India
“It is interesting how an ancient style and a contemporary medium have been juxtaposed”.

The Artist Sandhya Arvind with Capt. C P Krishna Nair

Her Highness Urvashi Devi, Devgarh Baria , India
“Very interesting. I am really glad I visited”.
“Your beautiful painting I purchased was my personal indulgence”.

S P Garg, Managing Director, BOBCARDS Ltd., India
“Superb ! Wonderful expressions, creativity at the peak and very very inspiring rich heritage of Indian art, culture”.

The Artist Sandhya Arvind with Her Highness Urvashi Devi, Devgarh Baria , India
Jacky Vrabel, U.K.
“Very charming and original!”

Shri B. K. Birla
“Very attractive exhibits”

H.H.Urvashi Devi, Devgarh Baria
“....your beautiful painting was my personal indulgence....I am glad!”

Sara & Israel
“You really feel the spirit of India reflected in the pictures!!”

The Artist Sandhya Arvind with Jacky Vrabel, U.K.

Allan Hartog
“Absolutely amazing”

Capt. C.P. Krishna Nair, Chairman Leela Hotels
“Excellent art...”

Larry Thrasher, USA
“Very inspiring art that warms the heart! This art is timeless!”

Shashank Shankar
“God bless you for spreading joy in the world through such wonderful work”

Petrov, Russia
“...very good”

The Artist Sandhya Arvind with Susana, Russia.

Dr. Rakesh Soni , India
“Never seen before, beautiful and novel work”

Anita Chauhan, India
“The paintings are stunning and an example of the traditional handicrafts of India.”

Jinpachi Shinmagi – Japan
“It’s really very nice”

Dr. Ila Patel, India
“Pictures are so good that my daughter from USA may visit you personally”.

Dr. Priti Desai , India
“Very attractive work. I have seen it for the fist time, which reflects our culture and tradition, different from usual western type”.

S V Joshi, Former Display Officer, Baroda Museum , India
“Excellent work. The artist has shown her talent using different media.Eye catching”.

Schenck Annabel, France
“Richness of folk and tribal is there”

Tony Ince, Nottingham , England
“Unusual and very good variety of work.Will look splendid on the walls of my home”

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