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Indian Tribal Art - Warli Gallery

Warli is the tribe in Western India.Their wall art has gained a global recognition for its extremely rudimentary nature. The art style is influenced by the simplicity of their humble life style and natural surroundings of the ravishing terrain. Despite precarious living conditions, their merry making is wholesome with passionate involvement of men, women and children. Be it heralding the arrival and harvest fresh crop, festivity, social rituals. Each celebration is joy filled giving expression through music dance, drink and feasting. Blowing of 'Tarpa' [a musical blowpipe made of dried Pumpkin] is an invitation to young couples to participate in the dance with gay abandon.

Inherent bond with the nature is reflected in the art for their love for birds, animals, creatures, reptiles, fishes, rivers, vegetation, mountains, flora and fauna that add music to their life. Their legends, rituals, festivals form the theme of their art.

All the objects in the art are in geometric shape of triangle, square or circle. It has roots in prehistoric cave paintings. Warli paintings typically depict, unhindered, see through, in house activities beyond the front wall. This unhidden, openness originates from caves that do not have front wall to cover. It is for this reason that the Warli art is also called as 'X ray' art. Another striking feature is it is 'dynamic art'. Every living creature in the art is in action, moving.

The revered Mahalaxmi hill having temple of Goddess Mahalaxmi
in Warli tribal area in western India (Maharashtra).

The artist with “Warli’s” in their cottage.

Please see enlarged view of the images for enhanced clarity and to capture relief effect.

Item Code : WCR 104
Size           : 24” X 36”
                 :  60 cms X 90 cms
Frame       : Cane

A riverside tribal habitat. Creatures in the river water are clearly visible. This is typical of the tribal art because of their immense love to flora and fauna. The river originates in the mountain. Animals, x rayed dens can also be seen. Sun god provides energy. Women are seen engaged in cooking, pounding rice, drawing water from well while a man is mending his bullock cart. The holy tree in centre is ‘Kalpwruksh’ that symbolizes prosperity.

The Warli art is also referred as ‘X ray’ art where happening inside the hut, dens are visible from outside, the genesis of which is when people lived in caved that has no front wall.



Item Code : WCR 105
Size           : 24” X 36”
                 :  60 cms X 90 cms
Frame       : Cane

Wedding is an auspicious occasion and a joyous celebration.Dwelling is floraly decorated.Godess is invoked with its images painted on the wall.The godess in the form of Cow blesses the couple, Tree is worshiped for seeking blessings to fructify the couple.Guests joyfully beat drum, blow pipe and dance.

The Warli art is also referred as ‘X ray’ art where happening inside the huts/dens are visualized from outside. The ‘X ray’ art resembles and relates to the period when people lived in open caves that had no front wall.


Auspicious Wedding ”
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