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Indian Tribal Art - Warli Gallery



Item Code : WCS 207
Size            : 36 ” X 36 ”
                   : 91 cms X 91 cms
Frame        : Cane

The Warli tribals believe that they are protected from wild animals, evils by super natural power the 'Waghya God'. Sculpted idol of the God is worshiped in villages. Spirituality, devotion, meditation empowers the God with super natural divine enlightenment. They believe that the Wagya God is pure and is connected to higher spiritual plane. Its aura radiates empowering multidimensional energy field in the environment. The aura is energy, supporting to body, mind and emotions of the living beings. The birds, animals, human beings, plants influenced by the aura experience recharged energy, happiness, joy of life, positive thoughts, unconditional love, compassion, harmony and inner peace.

The Warli art is also referred as ‘X ray’ art where happening inside the huts/dens are visualized from outside. The ‘X ray’ art resembles and relates to the period when people lived in open caves that had no front wall.

“The Divine Aura”
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