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Broad outline of the workshop

Indian art, be it performing art, visual art, dance , yoga or music is spiritually divine. It is prayful devotion and surrender to the God. It has Vedic, epical and mythological background.

Indian traditional art is therefore comforting, de stressing, giving solace and peace of mind. It enhances creativity. Decorating home or gifting our own painting generates immense pleasure and satisfaction of proprietorship (self creations) of the artifact. Given the current lifestyle it has become all the more essential for employees, housewives, students, professionals and individuals to engage in such prayful and playful creativity.

Sandhya Arvind, an Internationally acclaimed artist [visit: www.ethnicartofindia.com] in the Indian traditional ethnic art of Madhubani and Warli. She has passionately taken up to promote the art. She personally conduct workshops to teach the art. She is UGCs expert and lead faculty for their National workshops for University teachers. Corporates, ladies clubs, individuals have found her workshops a rewarding experience.

Duration -Two /three full days.

Group size -Maximum 15 participants 

Eligibility - Be an art lover. Need not posses any experience in painting.


- Presentation on the background, mythological, evolution and origin of the art, -
- Characteristics, features of the art
- Classification and Types of the art
- Themes for the art
- Commercial Application of the art
- Hands on practice to learn and create the art

Take aways
- At least two self created paintings.
- Get addicted to a hobby that gives immense pleasure, peace of mind, enhanced creativity.
- Matured appreciation, love and passion for art.
- Opportunity to pursue a professional/ commercial career in the art. 
 - A certificate.

Please address inquiries at:
Cell no. :- 09898413326
Email :-   arvindpkhode@gmail.com

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